Where To Wear



Why should I wear a loincloth and where can I wear it?  
Loincloths are perfect for everyone and have been worn throughout history by people all over the world. As global warming heats up, you'll be cool in your loincloth knowing you're helping the environment by wearing less clothing which reduces your laundry saving electricity, gas, soap and carbon footprint. Ok that's bull, it's just fun to run around almost naked.

Make a statement and wear your comfortable loincloth in public. Most of our loincloths are completely street-legal since many local laws require about 1" width buttstrap or modest coverage of the genitals and buttocks, however, some locations are much more conservative while other locations may be more liberal so verify requirements with local authorities.

Regardless of your age, size or shape, be yourself and wear your loincloth with pride while cruising the beach, working in the yard, lounging around the house or even going to the store, that would be a sight.

Sizing & Materials 

What are the loincloths made of?
 Loincloths are available in a wide range of materials and colors including super-soft deerskin, thin velvet pigskin suede, fuzzy bunnies, garment weight leathers and bold cotton and blended fabrics. Exact colors may vary slightly due to die lots, image tone, and monitor color adjustments.
What size should I get?
Loincloth sizing is fairly approximate and very forgiving, heck it's just a loincloth! To determine sizing, loosely measure desired panel lengths, distances between legs from front and back waistbands and measured waist sizes following the how-to-tie instructions provided.  Depending on how snug you tighten the loincloth, where the loincloth rides on you and slight variations of the cut of the handmade piece can affect the final fit. You can order a custom size by emailing us directly indicating desired length and width prior to ordering, additional charges may apply. On leather loincloths, we always try to provide as much extra material as possible since 'just a bit more' can always come in handy and it can be trimmed easily with scissors or razor blade.